How does ANPR work?
Our cameras digitally capture and process the details of vehicles entering and leaving the car park. The system has advanced number plate recognition which identifies any non-authorised vehicles using your facilities or any vehicles exceeding the maximum stay period or other pre-configured parking restrictions. Vehicle’s parked in breach of the parking restrictions will be sent a parking charge through the post within 48 hours of the offence.

Do you charge for the equipment and set up?
No. The equipment, installation and software set up is completely free of charge. Subject to survey.

How long does it take to set up ANPR?
We offer a quick set up service which means your ANPR car park can be set up within 3 weeks. Subject to survey.

Will the ANPR system need staff to operate it?
Our ANPR enforcement operates without the need of wardens or other staff.

Do you provide the car park signs?
Yes. All signage is provided and installed free of charge.

Can the parking restriction settings be tailored for our requirements?
Yes. The software can be completely tailored to meet whatever parking restrictions you require.

How many cameras will we need?
This is dependent on the car parks configuration. Our cameras will need to be fitted to the car parks entrance and exit points. Once we have carried out a free car park survey we can advise you on where best to have the cameras situated.